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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Betsie’s passion to empower people to make a meaningful difference in their own lives and live a fulfilling life, started already during childhood. With long, meaningful conversations, contemplating life and the diverse issues that spring from it, with both young and old, strangers, friends and family alike, always leading to a common goal of a full life, a life well lived. 

This common thread followed throughout Betsie’s life, evident in her varied career path through sales & marketing, advertising, key account management, and then as owner of Manners4Minors Canada, a leading international character coaching program for young children in their foundation phase. This finally culminated in her becoming a Master Certified Life Coach. She also holds numerous qualifications, in the Arts, Business Management, Food Science and Nutrition, Psychology, and Life Coaching and considers herself to be a true student of life and an advocate for good nutrition.


As a Life Coach, entrepreneur, and busy mom she knows well the struggles of trying to balance a career and family life.  In her coaching philosophy, she provides the tools, strategies, and support to help people create meaningful change in their own lives.   

Having lived in South Africa, Switzerland, Dubai and now Canada, Betsie draws from these many experiences and varied cultures, in conjunction with her professional skill set. She loves working with and helping people succeed and find fulfillment, this is deeply meaningful to her, as coaching transformed her own life.

She struggled with many of the same challenges that now face her clients.  She is very familiar with the pressure of job deadlines competing with family obligations and feelings of inadequacy. She really gets it… 

It is with this understanding and her dynamic approach, knowing that there is a better way, she harnesses the beauty and diversity in every individual’s life, from all perspectives, including family, career, self-image, character, interests, and passions. She sees it as her life’s purpose to empower people to create a legacy that they can be proud of.


  • Master Certified Life Coach

  • Nutrition Medicine and Brain Development

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching

  • Master Certificate in Project Management

Member of


  • Learning Process for Teachers & Trainers.

  • Diploma - Human Nutrition

  • Diploma - Educational Psychology 

  • Diploma - Psychology

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